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It all starts with an idea, a paper and a pencil. From drawings and sketches, a 3D model is dawning with the assembly of all the components.

Some calculationmechanical design and the model is made. Everything is ready for the layout and the procurement.

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The workshop and the manufacturing

Welcome to my little workshop.

Discover how I manufacture the  Galle'N Swan mechanical lamps.

To know more about my passions and my inspirations, follow this way.




The electrical components are choosen for their quality and durability. Their selection and their assembly meet applicable standards and rules.

Everything is tested and checked before sending.

The mechanical parts  (gears, chain, ...)  come from mechanical industries. They are remanufactured and modified in the workshop.

Some parts (metallic structure) are manufacturated directly in the workshop from plates and profiles.


Wood work

Wood is crafted directly in the workshop from plate or strip.

Cutting, sanding, drilling, all these stuffs.

wood veneer can be applied using wood species with sophisticated veins. A meticulous job for a delicate material.


Everything is ready for assembling. Mechanic part, electrical part, structure, every component has to fit perfectly. Settings are necessary to keep everything running smoothly. A brief reflexion before assembling could be useful.