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Your customized lamp, starting from 3000 euros*.


Discover the

Againts a wall in the living room, fitted in the bookcase, or as a delimitation between two areas, 

The  FACT-Cosy Ladder lamp will light your interior using all its power.

But what is these crank and chains for ?

A clue, this chain floor lamp is not a telescopic ladder.

FACT-Ladder Lamp

The chain lamp post -

Icone loupe.png

Main characteristics

- Weight : 55 kg

- Dimensions: 300 x 600 x 1800 mm

- Main materials: steel / wood / brass / textile / porcelain

- Only indoor use (not in water room like bathroom)

- Compatible bulb socket : E27 (4 Led bulb provided 540 lms).

- Replacable bulb (max. 10W Lmax=300mm)

- Customization (included in the price): 

  Colors / wood species / cable length / bulb

  Discover the customization​.

- 2 points wall mount (see the detailed characteristics)

* Price varies depending on the level of customizations (choice of materials, specific requests)

  Price as customized in the illustration: 3000 euros (exotic wood ans brass finish)


This post lamp make an impression with their 4 light sources placed in a iron piping structure, full hight.

The chain mechanisms, completely mixed with the light, enables to  dim the light.

It is installed in a wood and steel structure

Supporting the lamp, a base with exotic wood plating to warm the style.

To achieve its vintage style, it is  fitted with porcelain switch and textile rope.

Icone source lumineuse


Icone système mécanique


Nos ateliers parisiens, francais.

Four light sources

LED filament bulb

Chain mechanism

Varying light intensity

Four-stage reduction 

Lamp to put on the ground

Made by hand

In Paris

iCone sol.png

Let's change the atmosphere.

Turn the crank, the chain mechanism will vary the light.

Almost endless customization 

Thanks to the customization of our lamps, any style is possible. 


Colours, materials, the bulb, everything is customizable.

We assist you to choose the perfect design for your lamp so it will fit perfectly into you decoration.


Natural brown,  a hint of terracotta, with a smooth warm wood.

 Inspiration de couleurs pour l'applique FACT-Ladder
Lampadaire Fact-Cosy Lader des possibili
Icone loupe.png

Your home 


More characteristics

Caratéristiques lampe FACT-Ladder

Filament LED bulb x4

E27, 1000 lms, included

Extra-flat plug

To fit behind any furniture

Textile rope

Choose the length (default length is 1.5m)

Electrical junction box

Waterproof / components meeting applicable standards


Designed for LED using

Toggle switch 

Vintage style


Lighting variation


Chain system

Handled by crank

Socle stable en bois

Lampadaire Fact-Cosy Lader caractéristiq
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