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L'intérieur de notre atelier

Hello,  I'm Bruno LACAZE,

The man hidden behind Galle’N Swan.

Story of a man of the studio

Let's go one floor down.

L'intérieur de notre atelier

Let me tell you my story

L'intérieur de notre atelier, côté inspiration

My inspirations

To another colour and form dimensions.

Emma Lindstrom

Colourful urban perspectives. 



We begin slowly:

For experienced ears :

After the storm, we relax:

To move on :

A small glimpse of my inspirations. In the selection, 

Music, a lot of music, drawing, painting, photography  and furniture design. 



The water mountains  sculpted by the wind.

Dive into the light of dark landscape.

Technology to serve fashion with poetry.

Patterns and shadow effects, everything is hidden in details.


The art of sustainable furniture.


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