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A mechanical lamp, what’s this?

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Salon avec une ambiance tamisée pour la
Salon avec une ambiance chaleureuse pour

Movie time, subdued atmosphere

Aperitif with friends, warm atmosphere

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Planche 2.png

Near to the armchair, in the bed corner, for reading or chilling.

In the living room, from the aperitif to the movie time in the sofa,

Above the dining room table, from the daily meals to the dinner with an intimist atmosphere,

All these moments must have the perfect light atmosphere.

Our lamps permit you to vary the light intensity, turning the crank.

The Galle’N Swan lamps are unique.

Our lamps put forward this mechanic,

frankly and mix it with the light, to bring to life intensely.

Out studio creates light which come to life

though mechanic no longer hiding, on the contrary.

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Factory collection

Discover the Factory collection with an industrial style, smoothed by warm colors and natural materials

Would you like to know more?

Discover the studio history and what Galle’N Swan name means.

P.S. : a hidden page could speak about the men who built all of that. A word to the wise...

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